Reptile Den abris magnetique Exo Terra

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Reptile Den Exo Tetra, magnetic shelter fixing on a window of the terrarium and allowing to observe the animal lodging in this structure in tunnel.

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Reptile Den / Terrarium tunnel system


The reptile shelter facilitates the observation of reptiles and amphibians when they are in their place of hiding and rest, without opening the terrarium or disturbing the animals. Removing animals by removing the substrate and decorating the terrarium is an underestimated stressor that is now completely eliminated. The lid of the rock can be removed from the outside of the terrarium to observe animals hiding and sleeping and will then be placed on the glass. The two pieces are held together, through the glass, by powerful magnets. The rock is insulated to keep the tunnel system cooler than the temperature inside the terrarium. It is possible to place moistened foam or substrate inside the nest to keep it moist.

The rock-cover can be removed to observe the animals

  • Unique formation of magnetic rocks "through the glass"
  • Allows observation without disturbing the animals
  • Isolated to create a very cool refuge (as in nature!)
  • Perfect nesting site for different species
  • Eliminates stress during observation

Reptile Den - 3 sizes

Reptile Den / Reptile Den Shelters
PT2863                    Wide shelter for reptile


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